Chasseurs a Cheval 1779-1815: v. 3 download pdf
Chasseurs a Cheval 1779-1815: v. 3 download pdf

Jean-Marie Mongin,Ludovic Letrun,: Chasseurs a Cheval 1779-1815: v. 3

Chasseurs a Cheval 1779-1815: v. 3


With this third and final volume, the authors present, regiment by regiment, uniforms and equipment of the light cavalry in the last years of Empires and beginning of the Restoration. Significant changes in the uniform and equipment are described in the list and a significant portion is left to distribution tables of colours, charts, etc. THIS BOOK IS IN ENGLISH. This third part illustrates the last years of the Empire; dark years which will see our"Chasseurs" being gobbled up during the Russian disaster. Like a lot of regiments, the Chasseurs A Cheval were swallowed up in the Russian disaster. Phantom regiments were reformed with considerable difficulty in 1813 and 1814. During the First Restoration, 15 regiments were formed from the debris of the battles in Prussia and in France, fifteen regiments which then took part in the Belgian Campaign and its epilogue at Waterloo. King Louis VXIII dismissed these fifteen regiments on 16 July 1815, but it wasn't until the...18th that the Chasseurs a Cheval reappeared in the Royal Army!

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Author: Jean-Marie Mongin,Ludovic Letrun,
Number of Pages: 80 pages
Published Date: 19 Apr 2013
Publication Country: Paris, France
Language: English
ISBN: 9782352502784
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